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Bhaderwah, 1985

Writing can be a way to reach out to people across the world and share life, experience, and knowledge in general. The author’s own experiences provide a solid foundation for any piece. Anyone can practice writing at any time.

Writing helps an author pay more attention to the world. Authors with personal experience of a thing find that their writing flows more easily and resonates more with the reader. One does not have to travel the world to find interesting things to write about, because there is always something interesting close at hand.

Authors throughout history have written things that inspire others. Sharing knowledge helps everyone stand on the shoulders of giants, as Newton put it.



Keeping a notebook at hand is a popular way to capture inspiration when it strikes. Talking to people and learning about their lives helps the author understand other views. One may not know the product from its initial inspiration.

Writing can be easy or it can be very difficult. An author may be read by millions, or only by a few. A work may be engaging, no matter its premise or style.

There are many opinions about writing. There may be as many ways to write as there are authors. Every one has their own style and personality.



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